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Description: AIO tool for Cemu
Author(s) Tsume
CEMU: 1.7.3+
License: unknown
Download: Download

Mapleseed are a small set of applications created specifically for Cemu by Tsume. It gives you the power to backup Wii U updates, DLC, and titles directly to your PC, as well as launch Cemu with titles. Designed to make Wii U title management as easy as possible, with minimal intervention.


Mapleseed has three versions: Mapleseed Lite, Mapleseed V1, and Mapleseed V2.

Mapleseed Lite is the lightest version of Mapleseed. It includes title launching and a dynamic background theme from its GUI.

Mapleseed Version 1 includes title launching, full titles, select updates, and DLC.

Mapleseed Version 2 includes title launching, full titles, latest updates, DLC, dynamic backgrounds, and auto applied graphic packs.