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Tutorial:Graphic pack

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What are graphic packs

Graphic packs optimize and make changes in the render settings for an other experience of games, like 4k, blooming effects...

How to install graphic packs

  1. Go to the Cemu install folder
  2. Open the ..\graphicPacks folder
  3. Copy the folder with the rules.txt to this folder
  4. Restart the Cemu emulator

How to enable graphic packs

  1. Open the Cemu emulator
  2. GOTO Option -> Graphic packs
  3. Enable the grapic packs you want
  4. When you start a game with a enabled graphic packs, the graphic pack will automatically enabled

How to check if a graphic packs are active

  1. Open the Cemu emulator
  2. Start your game
  3. GOTO Option -> Graphic packs
  4. Look if in the active column there is the entry Yes

How to create a own graphic packs

Other sources for graphic packs